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Silent Cinema

Cinema and History
"The Big Parade" (1925) by King Vidor

4, 5 May 2018
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The Big Parade (1925, USA) by King Vidor, with John GilbertRenée Adoré and Hubart Bowsworth (137')
Presentation: Manuel Hidalgo

A love story in the midst of the disaster of World War One. Jim is the son of a North-American businessman who decides to enlist in the army and leave for Europe to fight on the Western Front. When he arrives in France, he begins a romance with Melisande, a French peasant; this part depicts the happy and carefree couple, devoted to their love affair. But the brutality of the war scenes is presented when the soldiers are summoned to the front, reinforced with the incorporation of documentary materials that the Army made available to the director.

On Saturday, the video of the presentation recorded the day before will be shown.

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