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Intellectual Autobiography

Luis Goytisolo

29 November 2016
Image of the Lecture

The writer and academic Luis Goytisolo, a winner of the Premio Nacional de Narrativa, the Premio Anagrama de Ensayo and the Premio Nacional de las Letras 2013, will talk to the literary critic and editor Ignacio Echevarría about his life and intellectual career.

With a literary career spanning over half a century, Luis Goytisolo has traversed everything from the social realism of the 1960s in his debut novel Las afueras (1958, the winner of the first Premio Biblioteca Breve) to experimentation, meta-literary reflection and autofiction. The tetralogy Antagonía (1973-1981) represented the culmination of over 20 years of work and is considered one of the great contemporary novels, due to its ability to create an autonomous reality based on a reflection on the power of fiction.

Available on streaming via Canal March

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