The Burning Issue
With Antonio San José and Íñigo Alfonso

The Internet: Solution or Problem

16 October 2017
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The mass use of the Internet is causing one of the most profound social, cultural and political transformations in history. In its early stages, around the end of last century, the Internet was perceived as a new global ambit of shared communication and knowledge, but today, as its use becomes increasingly more widespread, it raises questions such as the loss of privacy, control of information or digital property. Is the Internet the solution or the problem?

The invited experts, the university teacher in Political Science Manuel Arias Maldonado and the journalist Mario Tascón, will respond to questions such as: What relationship should exist between the media and the Internet? Is the Internet a new political tool? Can the large digital corporations manipulate us? What can continuous digitalization contribute to Spanish society?

A debate format in which, once a month, on a Monday at 7:30 pm, leading experts analyse important issues that make up today’s social reality with the journalists Antonio San José and Íñigo Alfonso. China's Leadership, Brexit or the demographic problem have been several of the issues involved.

The presenters put some of the audience’s questions to the guests. Please send your suggestions to:

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