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Lecture Series

The big world of teatro breve (short plays)

26, 31 October, and 2, 7 November 2017
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Coordinated by the Professor of Spanish Literature Javier Huerta Calvo, this series will focus on the history of teatro breve in Spain, with particular emphasis on the periods of the Golden Age, eighteenth century and twentieth century. The series is based on the analysis of the works of Miguel de Cervantes, Ramón de la Cruz, Ramón María del Valle-Inclán, Federico García Lorca and Francisco Nieva, by distinguished lecturers and historian of Spanish theatre including Javier Huerta Calvo, Alberto Romero Ferrer and César Oliva.

Each session will consist of a lecture followed by the performance of excerpts of various short pieces, including some interludes by Cervantes, sainetes by Ramón de la Cruz, Los cuernos de don Friolera by Valle-Inclán, the Retablillo de don Cristóbal and La zapatera prodigiosa by García Lorca and "teatro furioso" by Francisco Nieva. The stage direction will be entrusted to Ernesto Arias, José María Esbec and Juanjo Granda.

Available on streaming via Canal March

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