The Burning Issue
With Antonio San José and Íñigo Alfonso

Arte y mercado

19 February 2018
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Patronage, collection, dealers, art galleries, auction houses and art fairs are some of the predominant models throughout history and to the present day in the sale of art. The so-called two “economies” of art offer us a prism from which to analyse the development and future of this sector: the economics of the art market, which determines the commercial value of works of art, and the symbolic economy of art, that is to say, the establishment of the qualitative value of the work of art, its integration in history and its institutions.

In this session, Vicenç Furió, a Lecturer in the Theory and Sociology of Art at the Universitat de Barcelona, and Elisa Hernando, Director of the art consultancy ARTE GLOBAL, will discuss the present and future of the current models of the market: What factors are behind the increase in the price of an artist in the current market? What determines the value of a work of art? What are the objectives of this market?

A debate format in which, once a month, on a Monday at 7:30 pm, leading experts analyse important issues that make up today’s social reality with the journalists Antonio San José and Íñigo Alfonso. Artificil Intelligence, Old and New Politics, Inequality, the Internet, China's Leadership or Brexit have been several of the issues involved.

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