Intellectual Autobiography

Juan Pablo Fusi

22 February 2018
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The historian and Emeritus Professor of Contemporary History at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid Juan Pablo Fusi (San Sebastián, 1945), a specialist in Spanish contemporary history and in particular the study of nationalism and democracy, will discuss his life and work with fellow historian José Álvarez Junco.

Fusi holds a PhD in History from the University of Oxford (United Kingdom) and was a pupil of the Hispanist Raymond Carr. He has directed prestigious institutions including the Centre for Iberian Studies at St. Antony’s College (University of Oxford), the Biblioteca Nacional de España and the Instituto Universitario Ortega y Gasset. He is a member of Jakiunde, the Academia de las Ciencias, Academia de las Artes y de las Letras del País Vasco, and of the Real Academia de la Historia, and in 2001 was awarded the Montaigne Prize for his book Spain: Dictatorship to Democracy (1979, Premio Espejo de España), written in collaboration with Raymond Carr.

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