Poetics and Poetry

Juan Carlos Mestre

20 February 2018
Image of the Lecture

Tuesday 20 February
Lecture and poetry reading

The lecture titled Elogio de la palabra, which precedes the poetry reading, is a first-person reflection on the writing of the poet Juan Carlos Mestre, about which he declares: "I imagine a world made of words, a reality that only exists in language. I can sense another life in my memory, the sudden presence of a remoteness that speaks without a mouth in the poem through the secret laws of the imagination. I pose a citizens’ assembly in which everyone willing to interfere in the ambiguous superstitions of fate turned his/her life into a spiritual and political project destined to widen the meaningful horizons of the future".

Juan Carlos Mestre (Villafranca del Bierzo, León, 1957), a poet and graphic artist, is the author of several books of poetry and essays, such as Antífona del Otoño en el Valle del Bierzo (1985, Premio Adonáis), La poesía ha caído en desgracia (1992, Premio Jaime Gil de Biedma) and La tumba de Keats (1999, Premio Jaén de Poesía). His poetry has been included in several anthologies, including Un poema no es una misa cantada (2013) and Historia Natural de la Felicidad (2014). He was awarded the Premio Nacional de Poesía 2009 for his book La casa roja, and his latest book of poems La bicicleta del panadero received the Premio de la Crítica.

A selection of poems made by the poet and the text of the lecture are published in a limited-edition book (not available for sale) that is given to the attendees.

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