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Lecture Series

Franz Kafka: his life, his work, his times

2, 9 December 2010
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Despite his short life (he died at the age of 40), Franz Kafka wrote three novels, several tales and two dozens of marginal short stories. He also kept a diary and extensive correspondence, most of it published only after his death. Considered as one of the most influential in universal literature of the last century, Kafka's work expresses like no other the anxiety and alienations of the man from that century. Álvaro de la Rica will analyze the life and context of the author of The Metamorphosis, the main traits of the Kafkaesque material, and the influence of his work over contemporary literature.
Fundación Juan March
Castelló, 77 – 28006 MADRID – Spain
+34 91 435 42 40 – Fax: +34 91 576 34 20