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Silent Cinema

Detective Film
"The Lodger" (1926) by Alfred Hitchcock

16, 17 January 2015
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The Lodger (1926, UK) by Alfred Hitchcock (70’)
Presentation: Manuel Hidalgo

Inspired by a novel by Marie Belloc Lowndes that recreated the activity of the serial killer Jack the Stripper, who murdered five women in London in 1888 and was never identified. This film transposed the case to the modern day and constituted the director’s first major commercial success, in which he introduced the theme of the “innocent man on the run” for the first time.

On Saturday, the video of the presentation recorded the day before will be shown.

Ver vídeo: Enero-Mayo 2015
Ver vídeo: Presentaci&oacute;n de <em>El enemigo de las rubias </em>(1926) dentro del ciclo &quot;G&eacute;nero polic&iacute;aco&quot;
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