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Silent Cinema

Femme fatale, Vamp, Flapper and Other Stereotypes of Women in Silent Film
"The Marriage Circle" (1924) by Ernst Lubitsch

10, 11 February 2017
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The Marriage Circle (1924, USA) by Ernst Lubitsch (85'), with Marie Prevost, Monte BlueFlorence Vidor and Adolphe Menjou (85')
Presentation: Patricia Ferreira

In Vienna, a woman with marital problems tries to seduce a doctor who is married to one of her friends. The second feature film by the German director in Hollywood, this comedy of errors stands out for its ironical approach to the drama. Lubitsch himself would subsequently direct a musical "remake" of it. The Spanish title, which is very different to the original, seeks to emphasize flirting as a weapon of seduction.

On Saturday, the video of the presentation recorded the day before will be shown.

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