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Silent Cinema

Femme fatale, Vamp, Flapper and Other Stereotypes of Women in Silent Film
"Die Büchse der Pandora" (1928) by G. W. Pabst

5, 6 May 2017
ver vídeo
Die Büchse der Pandora (1928, Germany) de G. W. Pabst, with Louise Brooks, Gustav Diessel and Fritz Korner (133')
Presentation: Manuel Rodríguez Rivero

A free adaptation of the two-part play by Frank Wedekind about the conquests of Lulu, an attractive femme fatale. After her failed attempt in Hollywood, the then practically unknown North-American actress Louise Brooks was chosen for the role over other candidates including Marlene Dietrich and Brigitte Helm. The motive from the title serves as a metaphor for the main character, ambiguously interpreted by film critics.

On Saturday, the video of the presentation recorded the day before will be shown.

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