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"Anna Boleyn" (1920) by Ernst Lubitsch

7, 8 December 2017

Anna Boleyn (1920, Germany) by Ernst Lubitsch, with Henny PortenEmil Jannigs and Paul Hartmann (118')
Presentation: María Tausiet

The success of Lubitsch’s early European films, including Anna Boleyn, opened the way for him to Hollywood, where he would continue his career as a very successful director. In 1920 he portrayed the life of Anna Bolena, the second wife of Henry VIII and whose marriage precipitated England’s rupture with the Roman Church, which was his biggest production in Germany. The film had a budget of eight millon marks and 5000 extras, as well as a complex sceneography complete with replicas of the Tower of London, Windsor Castle and Westminster Abbey.

The German director’s historical films focus on the emotions of their characters, without exclusively sticking to the historical recreation of the facts: the grandiloquent, intimate and ironic have their place in the film. Anna Boleyn was renamed “Deception” by its American distributor.

On Friday, the video of the presentation recorded the day before will be shown.