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"The End of St. Petersburg" (1927) by Vsevolod I. Pudovkin

20, 21 April 2018

Koniets Sankt-Petersburga ("The End of St. Petersburg", 1927, USSR) by Vsévolod I. Pudovkin, con Alexander Chistyakov, Ivan Chuveliov and Sergei Kumarov (77')

Premiered to commemorate the October 1917 Revolution, on its tenth anniversary. A young peasant arrives in St Petersburg in 1914, fleeing from the misery of the countryside. Initially unaware of the revolutionary revolts, he becomes involved in the assault on the Winter Palace.

This is the second film in what is known as an “awareness raising” trilogy by the Soviet director, preceeded by The Strike (1926) and followed by October (1930), all of them with everyday actors whose personal story winds up being decisively intertwined with the historical events. Unlike Eisenstein, Pudovkin defends the use of a minutely planned montage, including each detail in the scripts.

On Saturday, the video of the presentation recorded the day before will be shown.