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Silent Cinema

Literary adaptations
Die Nibelungen (I). Siegfried

16 December 2011
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Die Nibelungen (1924), by Fritz Lang
Friday 16: (I) Siegfried, 143 minutes
Saturday 17: (II) Kriemhild’s Revenge, 150 minutes
Presentation: Juan Manuel de Prada

Die Nibelungen (1924) was an ambitious recreation on the part of Fritz Lang of the German epic poem of the thirteenth century, a national epic poem that would inspire the Romantic opera of the same name by Richard Wagner (1848-1874). The powerful legend unfolds in colossal sets, and will be screened in two parts –as occurred during its premiere– due to its long duration.

Literary adaptations

Ver vídeo: Presentaci&oacute;n de <em>Los Nibelungos </em>(1924), dentro del ciclo &quot;Adaptaciones literarias&quot;
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