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Silent Cinema

Comedy Film
Safety Last!

6, 7 December 2013
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Safety Last! (1923) by Fred Newmeyer and Sam Taylor (74’)
Presentation: Carlos F. Heredero

A North-American film by Sam Taylor, starring Harold Lloyd. Lloyd (who was the best-paid comedian in Hollywood during the silent-film era), with his glasses and straw hat, embodies the average American on the big screen, naïve, stubborn and optimistic, and excels for his acrobatic prowess. In this film, in which he portrayed a provincial salesclerk, he struggled to maintain his balance without plummeting to the ground, climbing the facade of an imposing skyscraper, without the help of doubles, in one of the most drawn-out and inimitable scenes in motion-picture history.

On Saturday, the video of the presentation recorded the day before will be shown.

Comedy Film

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