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Interview 1/8/2020 07:00 PM

Miquel Ortega y Rita Cosentino entrevistados por Jesús Trujillo

Concert 1/8/2020 07:30 PM

Chamber Music TheatreEl pájaro de dos colores, by Conrado del Campo

Sonia de Munck, Borja Quiza, Gerardo Bullón, Aarón Martín Pozo and Grupo de cámara de la JONDE

Works by C. del Campo

El pájaro de dos colores, a chamber opera by Conrado del Campo (1878-1953) with a libretto by Tomás Borrás (1891-1976)

The “land of the allegories” is the setting for El pájaro de dos colores. Three characters of a distinctly symbolist nature meet in this imaginary land—a combination of jungle, circus and American bar. There, Tiger, a martial knight who pursues idealised love, tries to free Bird. Monkey, in his role as demiurge, is reluctant to let him escape and finally transforms him into a modern and worldly woman. In spite of all the impediments, love will ultimately triumph in its own way. Following the success of their chamber opera Fantochines (1923), the writer Tomás Borrás and the composer Conrado del Campo would again work together on this small-scale work that remained incomplete and was never premiered.

Absolute premiere (with partial orchestration by Miquel Ortega)

With this title, the Chamber Music Theater format, started in 2014, reaches the eleventh edition in its vocation to recover a secular operatic tradition still unknown.

New production of the Fundación Juan March and the Teatro de la Zarzuela