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Concert 1/15/2020 07:30 PM

Concert/Premieres and (Re)premieresPremieres and Re-Premieres (109). Unheard of voices: Women composers

Eugenia Boix, Teresa Valente and Susana García de Salazar

Works by E. Chacón, E. de Zubeldia, A. Bringuet-Idiartborde, M. L. Ozaita Marqués and J. A. Carricaburu

Women and composers: Julie Adrienne Carricaburu was a pioneering folklorist who collected songs in Souletin dialect during the mid-nineteenth century. Emma Chacón studied with Enrique Granados before moving to Bilbao, where she stood out as a composer of songs. Emiliana de Zubeldía from Navarre was trained at the Schola Cantorum in Paris and was a central figure in Mexican musical life during the mid-twentieth century. Ana Idiartborde would dedicate her Páginas argentinas to the pianist Ricardo Viñes. María Luisa Ozaita was a pupil of Fernando Remacha and left an extensive chamber repertory. Although their works were appreciated in the musical settings of their time, today they are all unknown. The series Premieres and Re-premieres seeks to help rescue them from this unfair neglect.
  1. I
      1. Emma Chacón (1886-1972)
      1. Anochecer, for voice and piano
      2. No llores, for mezzo-soprano and piano
      3. Madrigal, for mezzo-soprano and piano
      4. ¡Allí!, for voice and piano
      5. Amanecer, for voice, cello and piano
      6. Arrullos, for cello and piano
      7. Nocturno, for cello and piano
      1. Emiliana de Zubeldia (1888-1987)
      1. Soles y brumas de España, for soprano and piano (selection) (selection)
      2. Four songs on the New Natural System of Music by Augusto Novaro, for soprano and piano (selection) (selection)
  2. II
      1. Anita Bringuet-Idiartborde (1891-1943)
      1. Au lac de Côme, for cello and piano
      2. Opus 26
      1. Mª Luisa Ozaita Marqués (1939-2017)
      1. El columpio, for voice and piano
      2. ¡Ay qué trabajo!, from Three Spanish songs for voice and piano (selection)
      1. Julie Adrienne Carricaburu (1827-1898)
      1. Souvenir des Pyrénées: 12 airs basques (selection) (selection)