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Concert 2/15/2020 12:00 PM

Saturday ConcertsCosmic music. Contemplating and listening to the universe (II)Constellations and galaxies

Sonor Ensemble, Gudrun Ólafsdóttir and Luis Aguirre

Works by E. Morales-Caso, Á. Gallego, G. Jiménez and F. Jusid

The Little Prince came from asteroid B-612. From there, the character from Saint-Exupéry contemplated as many as 43 sunsets a day simply by moving his chair. He could also observe constellations like Cassiopeia, nebulae such as that of Orion or galaxies like Andromeda. And, yet, he knew that the essential thing is invisible to the eye (but perhaps not to the ear).

Concert program
      1. Eduardo Morales-Caso (1969)
      1. Cassiopeia ignis mei *
      1. Sebastián Mariné (1957)
      1. Asteroide B-611 *
      1. Ángela Gallego (1967)
      1. Helios *
      1. Graciela Jiménez (1965)
      1. Quasi-stellar *
      1. Federico Jusid (1973)
      1. Orión Nebula *
      1. Jesús Ángel León (1956)
      1. Andromeda awaits *
  1. * Estreno absoluto
Todas las obras incluidas en el programa han sido encargadas y escritas expresamente para el Sonor Ensemble, dedicatario de las mismas.