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Concert 2/29/2020 12:00 PM

Saturday ConcertsFrom Dowland to Weiss: The splendour of the lute (I)English origins

Hopkinson Smith

Works by A. Holborne, J. J.son, J. Dowland and G. Huwet

In England, the peak of music for lute during the Elizabethan period coincided with the flourishing of an artisanal class established in the cities. Composers like Holborne, Johnson and, above all, Dowland forged a repertory linked to vocal music and almost always tinged with melancholy.

Concert program
      1. Anthony Holborne (c. 1545-1602)
      1. Fare Thee Well
      2. Muy Linda
      3. My Selfe
      4. Mad Dog
      5. Passion
      1. John Johnson (c. 1545-1594)
      1. Day's End
      1. Anthony Holborne
      1. The Fairy Round
      1. John Dowland (1563-1626)
      1. Fantasía nº 5
      2. Mrs. White's Nothing
      3. Fantasía nº 6
      4. Mr. Dowland's Midnight
      5. Forlorn Hope
      6. Preludio
      1. Gregorio Huwet (c. 1550-c. 1616)
      1. Fantasía
      1. John Dowland
      1. Lady Clifton's Spirit
      1. Anthony Holborne
      1. As it Fell on a Holy Eve
      2. Heigh Ho Holiday

Hopkinson Smith tocará un laúd renacentista de ocho órdenes de Joel van Lennep (New Hampshire, 1974).