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Lecture 2/25/2020 07:30 PM

Lecture SeriesElias Canetti: The profession of the writer

Ignacio Echevarría

A quarter of a century after his death, the legacy of Elias Canetti (Ruse, Bulgaria, 1905-Zurich, 1994), Nobel Prize for Literature in 1981, remains highly relevant.

The philologist, publisher and critic Ignacio Echevarría, coordinator of the complete edition of Canetti’s works in Spanish, will present a review of the life and the multiplicity of the work of the Bulgarian writer and philosopher of Sephardic origin. Through the figure of Canetti, Echevarría evokes the splendid inter-war period in Vienna, Canetti’s establishment in London prior to World War II, and the validity of some of his recurring themes, like the importance of the masses, the responsibility of words and the reluctance to accept death.