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Concert 5/15/2021 12:00 PM

Saturday ConcertsThe Great American Songbook (I)As time goes by

Borja Quiza, Fernando López Briones, Miguel González and Juan Cañada

Works by H. Hupfeld, R. Rodgers, L. Hart, C. Coleman, J. van Heusen, I. Berlin, C. Porter, J. Kern, R. Miller, O. Murden, B. Kaempfert, J. Kander and F. Ebb

His versions of Blue Moon and I’ve Got You Under My Skin are significant examples of Frank Sinatra’s way of singing, seasoned with the swing orchestras and enshrined in the 1950s with his recordings for Columbia and Capitol. Many have seen his extraordinary vocal range, almost instrumental phrasing and way of supporting the text as a translation of the principles of operatic bel canto to popular song.

This concert was initially programmed in April 2020

Concert program
      1. Herman Hupfeld (1894-1951)
      1. As time goes by
      1. Lorenz Hart (1895-1943)
      2. Richard Rodgers (1902-1979)
      1. Blue moon
      1. Cy Coleman (1929-2004)
      1. Witchcraft
      1. Jimmy van Heusen (1913-1990)
      1. Call me irresponsible
      2. Come fly with me
      3. My kind of town
      1. Irving Berlin (1888-1989)
      1. Cheek to cheek
      1. Cole Porter (1891-1964)
      1. I've got you under my skin
      1. Jimmy van Heusen
      1. Love and marriage
      1. Lorenz Hart
      2. Richard Rodgers
      1. My funny Valentine
      1. Jerome Kern (1885-1945)
      1. The way you look tonight
      1. Ron Miller (1933-2007)
      2. Orlando Murden
      1. For once in my life
      1. Bert Kaempfert (1923-1980)
      1. Strangers in the night
      1. Fred Ebb (1935-2004)
      2. John Kander (1927)
      1. New York, New York