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Canal March
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Concert 10/25/2020 12:00 PM

Concert/The March CollectionsYoung performers (III)The guitar in the Silver Age

David Antigüedad, Samuel Diz and Pedro Mateo González

Works by J. J. Mantecón, O. Esplá, J. Bal y Gay and Antonio José

In the first third of the twentieth century, the guitar went through a renaissance as a concert instrument. Sonata form, with its prestigious tradition, served to dignify the instrument’s repertoire in the years prior to the Spanish Civil War, although other composers preferred the use of small forms.

    1. Samuel Diz
      1. Juan José Mantecón (1895-1964)
      1. Atardecer
    2. Pedro Mateo González
      1. Oscar Esplá (1886-1976)
      1. Tempo di sonata
    3. Samuel Diz
      1. Jesús Bal y Gay (1905-1993)
      1. Pastoral
    4. David Antigüedad
      1. Antonio José (1902-1936)
      1. Sonata para guitarra
Los intérpretes, por orden de aparición, son Samuel Diz, guitarra; Pedro Mateo González, guitarra y David Antigüedad, guitarra