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Interview 3/10/2021 06:00 PM

Santiago Martín Bermúdez interviewed by Juan Manuel Viana

Concert 3/10/2021 06:30 PM

Concert/Wednesday SeriesTerezín: Composing under terror (III)Singing for Resistance

Sylvia Schwartz, Konstantin Krimmel and Julius Drake

Works by I. Weber, V. Ullmann, G. Klein, P. Haas, A. Strauss and C. Taube

Songs make up an important part of the repertory that musicians including Ilse Weber composed at Terezín. Weber worked in the infirmary of the concentration camp before being murdered in 1944. Also killed there were James Simon, who was seen for the last time composing as he leant on his old suitcase, while Carlo Taube, the camp’s orchestral conductor, would end his days in Auschwitz.
Series program
      1. Ilse Weber (1903-1944)
      1. Ich wandre durch Theresienstadt
      1. Viktor Ullmann (1898-1944)
      1. Berjoskele, from Tres canciones judías Op. 53 (selection)
      1. Gideon Klein (1919-1945)
      1. Wiegenlied
      1. Pavel Haas (1899-1944)
      1. Cuatro canciones sobre poesía china
      1. Viktor Ullmann
      1. Cinco canciones de amor de Richarda Huch Op. 26
      1. Ilse Weber
      1. Ade, Kamerad!
      1. Viktor Ullmann
      1. Tres canciones sobre poemas de Friedrich Hölderlin
      1. Adolf Strauss (1902-1944)
      1. Ich weiss bestimmt, ich werd dich wiedersehen!
      1. Viktor Ullmann
      1. Tres canciones sobre poemas de Conrad Ferdinand Meyer Op. 37
      1. Carlo Taube (1897-1944)
      1. Un niño judío
      1. Viktor Ullmann
      1. Little Cakewalk
      1. Ilse Weber
      1. Wiegenlied