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Lecture 1/25/2021 06:30 PM

The Burning IssueMyths and realities about health and nutrition

José Manuel López Nicolás and Alfredo Martínez Hernández interviewed by Antonio San José and Íñigo Alfonso

The relationship between good nutrition and good health is well known. Yet, the interpretation of this obvious statement has given rise to a number of misunderstandings. It is common to hear about diets with alleged extraordinary results but lacking a scientific basis, or about foods that must be strictly avoided, or, on the contrary, eaten compulsively. And meanwhile, obesity has become a worldwide epidemic and we remain ignorant to the fact that many illnesses could be avoided by eating a healthy diet.

In this session, guest experts José Manuel López Nicolás, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Universidad de Murcia, and Alfredo Martínez Hernández, Professor of Nutrition and Nutritional Science at the Universidad de Navarra, will analyse the characteristics of a healthy diet, the foods that protect us, problematic foods and the influence of the food industry on a good diet, among other issues.

A debate format in which, once a month, on a Monday at 6:30 pm, leading experts analyse important issues that make up today’s social reality with the journalists Antonio San José and Íñigo Alfonso.

The presenters put some of the audience’s questions to the guests. Please send your suggestions to: lacuestionpalpitante@march.es