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Lecture 2/25/2021 06:30 PM

Lecture SeriesWhy the Balearic Islands? (II)Ibiza: Amid travellers and tourists

Vicente Valero

One of the most recurrent narrative fields in literature is linked to islands, as dream destinations or as poetic metaphor. Homer, Dante, Stevenson and Melville, among others, alluded to them in several of their works.

Many of the travellers who arrived in the Balearic Islands, such as Unamuno, Azorín, Rubén Darío and Borges, did so in line with this cliché. Their travel adventure was rendered in diaries, letters, journalistic articles, poems or novels that narrate very different experiences, among which are those of the Archduke Ludwig Salvatore of Austria and George Sand and Federico Chopin, in Majorca, and that of Walter Benjamin, in Ibiza.

This series will reconstruct some of these unique experiences.

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