Canal March

Alfonso X: His Life, His Work, His Time

Isidro Bango

"While he was studying the sky and contemplating the stars, he lost the Earth". These were the words Father Juan de Mariana used to describe the Castilian monarch Alfonso X. This pejorative image was shared by his contemporaries, and it has only been in the last fifty years that the clichés surrounding him have started to be dismantled. The Art Professor and Historian Isidro Bango demythologises some of these aspects and presents the king as an ingenious promoter of the arts and a clever sovereign that transformed and extended territorial dominions, enriching the legacy he had inherited. Professor Bango also discusses his work in the legal terrain, in particular the compilation of the Partidas, and presents the most important work of art to come out of the Alphonsine scriptorium, the Cantigas de Santa María.

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