Canal March

United States, Today: Exorcism of Identities

Trío Arbós: Cecilia Bercovich, violin; José Miguel Gómez, cello and Juan Carlos Garvayo, piano

Works by A. Previn, R. Sierra, L. Auerbach and M. Torke

Four outstanding personalities from North-American musical life: André Previn, born in Germany, whose has established a successful career in the arts industry. Roberto Sierra, born in Puerto Rico and a composer whose music vindicates his Latin-American roots. Lera Auerbach, born in Russia and the heir to a typically Slavic form of mysticism. And Michael Torke, the only composer in the concert born in the United States. A program consisting of heterogeneous styles, a reflection of a syncretic culture that disregards the issue of origin.

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