Canal March

FALL 2016. Upcoming lectures

The Fundación Juan March Lecture Program, from October to December 2016, begins with the analysis of the biblical Book of Job. Figures central to philosophy such as Baltasar Gracián and Ramón Llull will also be described. Mediterranean cities such as Heracleopolis Magna (Nen-nesu), Venice, Tyre, Aphrodisias, Gades (Cádiz) and Ampurias (Emporion), will feature in November. The intellectual autobiographies of Mª Victoria Atencia and Luis Goytisolo, the reflections of Joan Fontcuberta, Javier Manterola, Enric Satué, Jorge Urrutia, Josep Colom, Julio Martínez Calzón, Juan M. Rojo, José R. Encinar and Ignacio Bosque, will give creators and researches from different disciplines a voice. The analysis of current affairs such as the future of the press, university education and coalition governments, are also among the events proposed for next autumn.