Canal March

Trilogy of Tonadillas, by Blas de Laserna

Aarón Zapico, Pablo Viar, Ruth Iniesta, Juan Manuel Padrón, Manuel Mas y Forma Antiqva

Blas de Laserna: Tonadillas La España antigua, El sochantre y su hija and La España moderna

The Spain of the past criticises the Spain of the present. The Spain of the present complains about the inheritance received. And, in between, a bride and groom with an uncertain future plan their wedding. Costumbrismo (a literary style dealing with typical regional and local customs) and social criticism characterise tonadillas, a dramatic-musical genre that flourished in Spain at the end of the eighteenth century. This production revives three tonadillas by one of the most highly reputed composers of his time: Blas de Laserna.

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