Canal March

Summary of the cycle "Explorers, conquerors, travelers"

A. Domínguez Monedero, E. Martínez de Pisón, C. Martínez Shaw, J. L. Arsuaga, M. Á. Puig-Samper, J. Reverte, J. Antón and M. Martín Bueno

The political and intellectual motivations of Alexander the Great's conquests, the traces behind the travel accounts of the Venetian merchant Marco Polo, the ambivalence of the conqueror Hernán Cortés, the return to the mute of the young naturalist Darwin and the formation of his evolutionary and scientific thought, the American journey of Alexander von Humboldt and the birth of the geography of plants, the transformation of the missionary Livingstone into an explorer of the interior of Africa, the legend of the rebel hero Lawrence of Arabia and Commander Cousteau as the driving force behind knowledge of the marine environment, these perspectives are put forward by leading historians, geographers, biologists, archaeologists and writers to address several of the most prominent figures and expeditions in the universal history of the voyage.

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