Canal March

Baltasar Gracián: His Life, His Work, His Time

Aurora Egido

The academic and Professor of Spanish Literature Aurora Egido proposes a journey through the evolution of moral and political thought and the style of the Aragonese humanist and Jesuit Baltasar Gracián, examining several of his most important works, from the treatise El Discreto (The Discreet One) or manual of discretion like the art of making good choices in life, and the book of aphorisms Oráculo manual y arte de prudencia (Manual Oracle and Art of Discretion), to his masterpiece, El Criticón (Faultfinder), that uses allegorical characters and epic poetry about travelling, employing resources from several genres –dialogue, narration, history– to literary condense his intellectual and didactic output. The figure of Baltasar Gracián is revealed as an exponent of the ingenuity and wisdom in the Europe of his time, and his legacy extends as a representative of literary modernity and a "philosopher of human life", in Schopenhauer’s words.

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