Canal March

Tyre and its colonial diaspora

Mª Eugenia Aubet

The Phoenician city of Tyre played an important role as the first known metropolis of the Mediterranean Sea. Based on the excavations carried out in this city, located in what is now southern Lebanon, the archaeologist and professor María Eugenia Aubet describes the discovery of the Phoenician necropolis unearthed under the remains of the Roman Empire. Around the eight-seventh centuries BC and coinciding with its period of greatest splendour, the merchant colonies of Tyre spanned the territories of the islands of Ibiza, Malta, Sicily and Sardinia, the bay of Tunisia and the south of the Iberian Peninsula. Information from excavation at the archaeological site of Cerro del Villar (Málaga) reveals aspects of the trade and artisan activity of Tyre with its Iberian colonies.

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