Canal March

Luis Goytisolo: "Antagonia is the epicenter of all my work"

Luis Goytisolo in conversation with Ignacio Echevarría

The writer and academic Luis Goytisolo, Premio Nacional de las Letras (National Prize for Spanish Literature) 2013, presents a journey through his career in conversation with the critic Ignacio Echevarría. To this effect, he pauses on several of the episodes in his life that were determinant in his literary vocation: his formative years and the first books he read, family origins, his relationship with his siblings, teenage years and years of militancy, term in jail, and literary Barcelona of the 50s, 60s and 70s, culminating in the great literary project that was his tetralogy Antagonía (1973-1981), in which, in the words of Echevarría, "he tests almost all of the late possibilities" of the novel. To conclude, the novelist reflects on the future of literature.

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