Canal March

WINTER 2017. Upcoming lectures

The series Masters of Wisdom initiates the 2017 program. This year also marks the first centenary of the Russian Revolution. The poets of the so-called Russian "Silver Age" will be portrayed in the series Poetry and Revolution. In accordance with this line of programming, profiles of Luis de Góngora, Spanish Romantic female writers and the philosopher Concepción Arenal will also be presented. There will be an encounter with the music and the times of Johann Sebastian Bach, while contemporary creation will also be present in the reflections of Antonio Lucas, Carme Riera and Gerardo Vera. The scientist Luis Oro will devote a series to the role chemistry plays in our lives and Luis Fernández-Galiano will trace the history of the architecture of the democracy in Spain. In the format of interviews, leading figures from the world of culture will meet with Antonio San José and Íñigo Alfonso, who, accompanied by leading specialists, will also debate the new directions of Russia, what it means to be Spanish today and the demographic problem in The Burning Issue.