Canal March

Music in the court of Frederick the Great, the flutist king

Florilegium. Ashley Salomon, flute

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Trio Sonata in G Major Wq. 144 and Trio Sonata in C Major Wq. 87

“His Majesty performed the solo flute part very precisely; his technique was brilliant and his taste simple and pure”. The testimony of the English musician, historian and traveller Charles Burney provides us with a glimpse of the musical environment that surrounded Frederick the Great. The King’s personal taste was more inclined towards Quantz and Graun, composers who represented the past for Burney. The Englishman felt closer to Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, who did not enjoy the King’s sympathies. The British ensemble Florilegium performs two trio sonatas composed by C. P. E. Bach for the Prussian court.

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