Canal March

Habaneras from Latin America

Ricardo Gallén, guitar

Works by J. Turina, A. Barrios, L. Brouwer, S. Iradier, V. Tenidis, T. Marco, M. de Falla, C. Debussy, E. Sáinz de la Maza, E. Halffter, I. Albéniz, F. Tárrega, E. Chabrier and F. Chaviano.

The habanera emerged as a European contradance. The colonists took it to Cuba and it returned to the old continent with its characteristic mellow and balanced style. Ricardo Gallén performs habaneras composed or arranged for guitar by Latin-American composers (such as Agustín Barrios, Leo Brouwer and Flores Chaviano) and Spanish composers (like Manuel de Falla, Francisco Tárrega and Eduardo Sáinz de la Maza).

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