Canal March

Instrumental Rarities: the recorder

Zarabanda: Álvaro Marías, recorders; Marta Mayoral, violin; Alejandro Marías, viola da gamba and cello and Jordan Fumadó, harpsichord and organ

Works by A. Vivaldi, D. Bigaglia, J.-P. Freillon-Poncein, G. F. Händel, F. Couperin and G. F. Telemann

Throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries an individual and idiomatic repertory for the recorder was gradually built up. This was due, in part, to Italian composers like Antonio Vivaldi, who wrote some of his most brilliant concertos for this instrument, but also to French composers like Jean-Pierre Freillon-Poncein, the author of one of the first treatises about teaching the oboe, the flute and the flageolet.

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