Canal March

Juan Uslé. The meaning of "namasté"

Surrounded by trees, land and water, Juan Uslé (Santander, 1954) grows freely. He lives and works between Cantabria and New York, he daydreams and writing helps him in his lifelong learning endeavour. In one of his abstract works he had painted a shipwreck on a hill, with the idea that "the ship, in the mountain, was saved. When he arrives in New York, he paints a reverse version of the same painting: it's no longer a hill, it's an island, and it was he who was shipwrecked and felt isolated. In 1989 he travels to Nepal, where he is struck by the greeting of a smiling little Nepali: "When I say Namaste to you, I don't greet you like I greet others, I say it just to you and I salute the best in you". For him, the silky, transparent surface of the painting matters, and so does the viewer's experience of "going inside".

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