Canal March

John H. Elliott: “Why be a historian if you aren’t approachable?”

John H. Elliott in conversation with Luis Fernández-Galiano

With his Intellectual Autobiograhphy, the British Hispanist John H. Elliott will open the Spring Lecture Program at the Fundación Juan March, which runs from April to May of 2018. This will be followed by a series analysing the historical and literary figure of Antonio de Guevara, and thematic series about the occult sciences in ancient times and their legacy (Egyptian papyruses, Orphism, alchemy, Kabbalah and hermeticism) and the history of life on Earth, from the first organisms to man. In the format of interviews, Alfonso Guerra and Chema Madoz feature as guests in Conversations at the Foundation, and Vicente Verdú in Memories of the Foundation. The first-person testimony of the historian Santos Juliá, and the current-affairs debates in The Burning Issue about childhood and the job market, complete the program. To conclude the season, there will be a series about the German thinker, mathematician and philosopher Gottfried Leibniz.

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