Canal March

Baroque Violinist Composers

Amandine Beyer, violin and Pierre Hantaï, harpsichord

Works by A. Corelli, F. Geminiani, A. Vivaldi, G. Tartini and J. S. Bach

Italy was the heart of the development of the violin during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. To a large extent, this was a result of the influence exerted by Corelli, who trained in Bologna and whose patrons in Rome were Cardinal Ottoboni and Christina, Queen of Sweden. His close to 90 works  −all instrumental− circulated widely (often in pirated editions), with his Sonatas, Op. 5 (1700) being one of the most widely used collections. Corelli’s success, notwithstanding, conditioned the next generation of violinist composers, both in his music and his professional strategies. For this reason, although the violin repertory of Geminiani, Vivaldi, Tartini and Bach can be linked to different traditions, they share the same stylistic origin.

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