Canal March

“History is a documented narration of the past”

Santos Juliá in conversation with Mercedes Cabrera

The historian and Emeritus Professor of Social History and Political Thinking at the UNED, Santos Juliá (El Ferrol, 1940), recalls his professional and academic career in conversation with Mercedes Cabrera, a politician and Professor of the History of Philosophy and of Social and Political Movements at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Some of the central themes in Juliá’s career are presented in this journey, such as socialism, the Second Republic and the figure of Manuel Azaña and, more recently, the role of intellectuals, historical memory and the Transition towards Democracy. Juliá also reflects on the intellectual accounts of his generation, the historical moments experienced and the vital questions that have driven his concerns and studies. He points to Carlos Moya, Javier Pradera and Ramón Carande as role models, from whom he learnt that “to write history a lot of time must have passed”.

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