Canal March

Lina Bo Bardi's Great Mechanical Cow

On June 28th, 2018, the Fundation Juan March carried out an urban action to move the Great Mechanical Cow to its headquarters in Madrid, in a tour with two stops: one at the Casa do Brasil and the Embassy of Brazil. Designed by Lina Bo Bardi in 1988 for the São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP), the Great Mechanical Cow is an exhibition container conceived to encourage participation and to welcome the MASP, exhibiting popular objects collected by her in Salvador de Bahía and thus forming a playground. First executed in 2003 in Venice, the Great Mechanical Cow has been built again in Madrid with the economic support of the Biennial Miradas de Mujeres, on the occasion of the exhibition Lina Bo Bardi: Tupi or not tupi. Brazil, 1946-1992.

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