Canal March

La Spagna in Dance

Ensemble La Danserye. Diana Campoo and Jorge Vicedo, historic dance

Works by G. A. Dalza, C. Festa, H. Kotter, J. Ghiselin, F. Canova Da Milano, G. Ebreo Da Pesaro, Anonymous, H. Buchner, J. Desprez, F. Caroso, J. P. Sweelinck, M. Praetorius, C. Negri and G. Farnaby

The choreographies described in sixteenth-and seventeenth-century treatises serve to reconstruct the dances performed in the European courts of the period. La Spagna, the Spagnoletta, Canario and the Folía were forms that embodied the epitome of Spanish dance during this period. In this recording, a pair of dancers recreates these dances accompanied by an ensemble of minstrels, keyboard and plucked string instruments.

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