Canal March

Musical Choreographies. Danced Tango

María Antonieta Tuozzo and Ezequiel Herrera Petrkis, dancers, Juan Esteban Cuacci, piano, Claudio Constantini, bandoneon, and Carlos Wernicke, guitar

Works by H. Salgán, J. Plaza, S. Piana, Charlo, H. Manzi, F. Canaro, M. Buzón, A. Piazzolla, C. Gardel, P. Laurenz, A. Bardi, G. Matos Rodríguez and F. Canaro

At the end of the nineteenth century, immigrants bearing different cultural traditions arrived in the Río de la Plata region. A dance was born from that fusion that scandalised society at the time for its explicit eroticism and quickly spread from the brothels of the region to all corners of the world. Such was its popularity that in 1924 the dance was subjected to the scrutiny of the Pope. The watered-down version of the tango the Pontiff witnessed led him to grant it the nihil obstat.

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