Canal March

The music of the Catholic Monarchs (I): the Death of John, Prince of Asturias (Salamanca, 1497)

Juan Meseguer, narrator. Coro Victoria (Ana Fernández-Vega, director) and Schola Antiqua (Juan Carlos Asensio, director).

Works by F. de la Torre, F. de Peñalosa, J. de Anchieta and P. de Escobar

John, Prince of Asturias, heir to the throne of the Catholic Monarchs, died on 4 October 1497 in Salamanca. The commotion his death caused was reflected in the numerous obsequies held all over the Iberian Peninsula and the myriad of texts that mourned his loss. This concert reconstructs the mood of the time, presenting a dramatised evocation of the Office of the Dead and the Requiem Mass for the eternal rest of his soul, together with the reading of a selection of elegiac poems.

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