Canal March

The Music of the Catholic Monarchs (III): from Flanders to Castile (Burgos and Toledo, 1502)

Alamire (David Skinner, conductor) and Juan Meseguer, actor

Works by J. Desprez, J. de Anchieta, F. de Peñalosa, M. de Rivaflecha, P. de Escobar and J. Obrecht

In January 1502, Joanna of Castile and Philip I of Castile arrived in Burgos, and months later they headed for Toledo to be sworn in as heirs to the throne. This trip, which favoured musical exchanges between the music chapels of the Catholic Monarchs and the Burgundian chapel, was described in various chronicles. Based on the information found in these accounts, this dramatised concert evokes the ceremonies that accompanied the heirs on their trip to the Peninsula.

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