Canal March

Another Catalonia: from Enrique de Villena to Eduardo Mendoza

Sergio Vila-Sanjuán

Cultural journalist and writer Sergio Vila-Sanjuán, coordinator of the "Cultura/s" supplement of La Vanguardia and author of the book Otra Cataluña. Seis siglos de cultura catalana en castellano [Another Catalonoia. Six centuries of Catalan culture in Spanish, 2018], reconstructs the cultural panorama that comprises six centuries of Catalan literature in Spanish, reviewing a varied list of writers that includes Juan Boscán, Antonio de Capmany, Eduardo Marquina, Carmen Laforet, Jaime Gil de Biedma and Juan Marsé. Likewise, Barcelona is highlighted as "a city of books, of printers"—as stated in the second part of Don Quixote—and its cultural place is analysed as a reference in the publishing and journalistic world.

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