Canal March

Jewish Musics: Sefarad Recovered

Alicia Amo, soprano and Rubén Fernández Aguirre, piano 

Works by J. Rodrigo, J. M. Nin-Culmell, J. A. Donostia, A. Hemsi, M. García Morante, M. Ravel and E. Halffter

Since the 1920s, the Sephardic musicologist Alberto Hemsi compiled and translated the Sephardic musical tradition to the musical codes of his time. In 1934 he published Coplas sefardíes in Alexandria, which transfer the beauty and richness of this musical tradition to the soprano voice and to the piano. Subsequent Spanish composers such as Joaquín Nin-Culmell, Manuel García Morante and Joaquín Rodrigo drew on Hemsi’s scores or on their own contact with the Sephardic world to compose the songs performed in this concert.

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