Canal March

FALL 2019. Upcoming lectures

The 2019 Fall Conference program begins with a three-session cycle dedicated to Dante's  Comedy, by its translator José María Micó, followed by a cycle dedicated to the mystery cults of Eleusis and Dionysus; in November, a cycle of seven lectures on the creators of ancient empires, from Ramses II, Assurbanipal, Darius and Philip II, to Hannibal, Augustus and Zenobia; and cycles dedicated to the figures of Rabelais and Nietzsche. Conversations with Rosa Montero, Manuel Vicent, Lucila Izquierdo, Jaime Lamo de Espinosa and Francisco J. Laporta, and Miguel Sáenz's Intellectual Autobiography make up the interview proposals. The debates in The Burning Issue will addres cyber security, myths or history, and Turkey.