Canal March

Genealogies of Art, or the HIstory of Art as Visual Art

This exhibition, conceived and organised by the Juan March Foundation and the Malaga Picasso Museum, presents a wide selection of visual representations of art history (family trees, tables, allegories, plans, prints, diagrams and graphics) produced from the 17th century to the present day by designers, illustrators, historians, essayists, writers and art theorists. One of them—the famous diagram that Alfred H. Barr Jr., founder of the MoMA, composed for the jacket of the catalogue of the exhibition Cubism and the Abstract Art (1936) explaining the stylistic evolution of art from 1890 to 1935—is transferred to the three dimensions of the exhibition space, placing works of art and documents on the walls of the rooms in the places where Barr placed the references to specific styles and movements, thus testing the plausibility of the diagram.

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